San Antonio Texas.

Good morning beautiful people! Today I am going to Texas for a week with my fiancé. I am excited to see my grandmother, who is a Christian believer and who has been very helpful and supportive towards what God has in store for me. I’m thrilled that my fiancé is coming with me this time. He is very excited and it makes me happy that I get to be apart of his joy. We’re going to be leaving shortly so I’d appreciate your prayers of protection! Last night, I was going to pray deeply for the trip but after worship I was attacked by the enemy against my mind. I felt the weight of ‘reality’, that when the trip is over I’ll be going back to the way of life. To be honest, I’m tired of the way my life has been running but I know God has a great plan for me. I pray for a powerful move of God to fall out in Texas! Last trip when I stayed in Texas for 2 months, God was closer to me down there then ever before. Hope everyone has a blessed day! I’m going to pray and spend time with God! Bless you All and much love! 🩸❤️

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