Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a blessed day today! I’ve been praying much more and I’m doing my greatest to stay away from sin. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of the deep need to pray for all the hurting people around the world. There are people who are plotting murder and many other evil things that WE the church of Christ have to be in prayer for. Prayer restricts Evil. Remember? You can’t overcome evil with evil but only Good can overcome evil. I had a dream this morning that felt so realistic. In the dream, I was in Juvie. I had to do 2 years and I’m not sure what for but I ended up escaping. As I escaped with a person I thought was my friend in the dream, she ended up getting caught and snitched on me. The guy came to check the flower bed where I was hiding in and he for some reason I guess was in love with me. He admired the smell of my hair and knew it would be best to just let me go. The man was unfamiliar and I was unfamiliar with him. I ended up coming to my senses to do my time and turned myself in with tears running down my face. I remember the painful feeling that my life was over because of this. Strange right? It felt so so real, I’m still carrying the burden of what it could possibly mean. Anyway, have a wonderful day guys! God bless! ❤️

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