Set free

Hello everyone! Blessings be upon you and your families!! I apologize for not writing yesterday for those who were excited by another daily post, I simply just forgot. My fiancé’s family just went on vacation today and they will be for a week. It is definitely exciting. I woke up feeling a burden in my spirit. I decided to pray intensely for what ever it could be and felt the peace brush over me. You know that nudging of the Holy Spirit hat you can get from time to time. I have church tonight, I’m assigned cleaning duty so that should be good. I personally love cleaning, it’s a great hobby to have. It also helps to take your mind off things. I was considering confronting my fiancé’s brother but I will when he tries to do something like that again. I have given my fiancé attention and things like that in front of his brother so he can get the message. We will see what happens in the near future and I am hoping for the best. Also, the post in ‘brotherly love,’ is that I had a dream experience that night that my brother and his girlfriend were delivered from evil spirits. God showed me the condition of my brothers heart and that it was very hardened. God bless you all, have a good night and keep my brother in godly prayer.

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