Hello guys! Hope you all are doing great today! I had a great day, I spent a lot of time at the park, spending time with God. Now, guys I’m going to need some advice and some help here. My fiancé’s brother I believe has a thing for me. He left a flower near my things, he has left a secret love letter for me to read. But, he has also hidden these things in a way that I couldn’t show anyone and say he did this and it be FULL proof. He acts as though he touched me on accident and sometimes stares deeply into my eyes. Weird, but this is becoming an issue for me. Which leaves me here. I know that it has been intended towards me, but I don’t have enough proof in this to really point him out. When I see him he acts normal, like nothing happened and sometimes very distant and rude. He has never verbally admitted feelings for me in anyway, Which leaves me here. Today he knew I was going to the park and came uninvited. He started playing with his frisbees and wanted to teach me. But I know that any relationship with him beyond brotherly is ungodly so I didn’t. I want to confront him but I am afraid that if I do and I’m wrong that it will affect our friendship. What should I do? Any advice helps. I definitely want to confront him but I want to keep the peace.

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