Father figure

Hello everyone! How are you today on this beautiful Sunday? Happy fathers Day everyone, I hope that you have a blessed Sunday! I’m a little off today because I never really see my dad but at least I have my one and only father, God the father. Going to spend time today with my fiancé and his dad. We’re all going to go play disc golf. Church service was one of a kind, the preaching was really good. He preached about being a godly man not a worldly one. Growing up without my father has always been difficult for me. My dad was also abusive and that’s why I didn’t live with him for long. My babysitter saw his hand marks around my neck and called the police. I even messaged him saying Happy Father’s Day and he hasn’t responded. I forgive him though, I told him that while he was away in prison. I’m trying my very best to not think about it. I’m grateful for God the father. He is truly a good dad to me. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

4 thoughts on “Father figure

  1. What we didn’t get from our natural father. God makes it up in being our heavenly father. The scripture says, when you mother and father forsake you then your Father in heaven will lift you up.

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