A new thing

Hello everyone! God bless you all on this beautiful day! God is definitely doing a new thing. For some reason I believe that my presence around my family is a light to them. My family has had many divisions within in it even before becoming a Christian. I got to see my two beautiful nephews today and my great great grandmother. My nephews are both new borns, only a few months apart. I’m going to play tennis with My fiancé soon and get out of this house for a little. Today was a good day besides this huge zit on my chin. I also keep having this strange dream about me having a lot of clothing in my drawers that I didn’t have before. I have remembered having this dream before and the excitement I would feel to see it. I Wonder what it means. Also, We got a breakthrough! This is exciting news! Me, my brothers and sisters drove the van together to my grandmas house. I was able to play the Christian radio for the whole ride to and back without any complaints. What a miracle!! Before the first song or so everyone would complain about the music and make it a fuss but everyone seemed to be fine about it. Me and my step sister, who is older then me by a few years have been getting close. We’ve had a lot of disagreements and arguments in the past that we are learning to forgive. Things are getting where they need to be. Hopefully, they will begin to open up to the one who made them. Have a great rest of your day guys! Much love!

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