Airplane picture on our way back from Texas.

Hello everyone! God bless you all on this wonderful day. It is pouring rain Down here in Pennsylvania all day. Me and my fiancé just got back from Texas yesterday. It was difficult at first coming back home but we’re back into the usual. I was a little depressed earlier today but God lead me Into a deep conversation with my fiancé’s mom and I now am feeling much better. I learned that I have to overcome offenses because I am struggling to let people deep into my life. I’ve learned that I have to be willing to get hurt and that it is okay to let people in. I am willing to change and I am willing to learn. Have a good night guys. Much love.


At The Empty Cross In Texas

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic morning! My Texas trip has got a lot better. I’m getting more along with my grandpa because it has been rocky. My grandma loves my fiancé, they really get along. The Fourth of July was great, we watched come really nice fireworks. I had some weird dream last night about the end times. It was Satan, and when the anti-Christ comes, as written in revelations he will be a man. The dream was given so that I am given the ability to understand it better. The intimidation and fear that the anti-Christ will give will be powerful because it is literally a full demonic possession of Satans spirit. In the dream many mothers and fathers will be apart of this evil because they have babies and children to take care of and that being with the fully knowing it is all apart of Satan. I will pray on this dream more. As you can see we are getting closer and closer to the book of Revelation. With this virus and now some places aren’t wanting to use money. This is all being set up for the one world order, as in the book of revelation. Also, to update you on our trip to the empty cross, it was a great experience and I did have an encounter but I prefer to keep it more private. Bless you all and remember to spend time with God today.


My rock I will put at the cross.

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! How are you all on this fine day! I am here in Texas still. We went to the river yesterday and I got a nice tan! I got to minister to a younger girl who is still trying to find her way. Hoping and praying that the seed grows in her and leads her to Jesus Christ. Later on that day, the lord revealed to me to not share so much personal testimony with them that aren’t yet his. I received that conviction and will do my best to feed milk to the babes and the meat of my testimony to the mature. My grandparents have the cutest kittens! I’m doing my best with my grandfather by the way, we are slightly getting better. We may or may not go to a place called, “The Cross” later on. It was told that it is a place where people experienced great power and a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit! But I will let you know. I’m now reading a new book called, ‘The bait of satan,’ and it supposedly talks about the trap of offense. I’ll keep you all up to date! Blessing and peace be with you!

Here I am

Hello everyone! How are you today? I finally arrived in Texas. The ride was well and the road here was smooth. I’m here with my fiancé and we’re here with my Grandma and Grandpa. Me and my grandpa kind of butt heads. He has two degrees in bible theology but boast in it with such pride. I can’t even simply talk to him about God with out it lining up to what HE has to says and what HE believes and if it isn’t just that then its wrong. Let’s just say that he has a closed mind when it comes to what other people have to say about their knowledge and relationship with God. It’s difficult to have a conversation with him. One thing I can’t stand is when a person is prideful. I ask that you please pray for me. I need to be more understanding towards him and not take it so personally. We’re going kayaking tomorrow and I hope it goes well. My fiancé’ is going too and he is very excited. I’m really trying to keep my peace and not get so upset. Goodnight guys! Be blessed! Much love.


San Antonio Texas.

Good morning beautiful people! Today I am going to Texas for a week with my fiancé. I am excited to see my grandmother, who is a Christian believer and who has been very helpful and supportive towards what God has in store for me. I’m thrilled that my fiancé is coming with me this time. He is very excited and it makes me happy that I get to be apart of his joy. We’re going to be leaving shortly so I’d appreciate your prayers of protection! Last night, I was going to pray deeply for the trip but after worship I was attacked by the enemy against my mind. I felt the weight of ‘reality’, that when the trip is over I’ll be going back to the way of life. To be honest, I’m tired of the way my life has been running but I know God has a great plan for me. I pray for a powerful move of God to fall out in Texas! Last trip when I stayed in Texas for 2 months, God was closer to me down there then ever before. Hope everyone has a blessed day! I’m going to pray and spend time with God! Bless you All and much love! 🩸❤️

Helpless sheep

He understands.

Good morning everyone on this fine day! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend! Church was a little difficult yesterday, I had a bad start on the weekend with me being moody and feeling alone. Sunday evening became brighter when my fiancé comforted me to come to church despite my shame. My fiancé’s parents are all on vacation and I haven’t seen his mom in over a month. I was upset that she asked My fiancé how he was doing and that she misses him. I guess I thought we had a close relationship and that maybe she would miss me too. It really upset me. Even when I went to Texas for 2 months, none of his family bothered to message me to know if I was okay and that hurt because we all spend quite a lot of time together. The issue isn’t being lonely, just the feeling that no one cares. My mental health has been better that I get time to myself away from all toxic habitual people and the noise of many. The lord comforted me in church. It’s like every Sunday I’m weeping and weeping for the past years. I cry almost every service. The lord gave my fiancé a dream on Saturday night. The dream went like this— it was him in a house full of expensive material and there was a little sheep outside, the sheep became surrounded by many wolves. He became astonished at the amount of wolves that appeared and began to record. On this Sunday service our pastor reads from the Bible in the book of Haggai chapter 1. It speaks about the lord being upset with them who have felt secured and satisfied in what their own houses and have not desired to help his hurting people. I felt this was about his dream he had on Saturday. That God was telling him that he is to care for me as himself, as you can see I’m am often in Ruins. Truthfully, he is my only true companion physically. My fiancé hasn’t helped me to the extent that he ought too and neither has my brothers or sisters in Christ that surround me. The chapter then goes on to say that the lord is going to tear apart what they have taken high pleasure in so that the one who is High will become low with the one who is low. I do pray for the lords mercy on him. There has been times where I really needed my fiancé’s help and he bailed on me. He is to be my husband and I truly felt the compassion of God around me as my pastor read those words off that page this Sunday morning. I feel loved. I thought to myself, “Wow, the lord is rebuking him.” I am that sheep in his dream. He is to take care of me and protect me as a husband. I even made sure to tell him during service,” wow, this is just like your dream!”Sometimes it’s hard to receive conviction but man is it good for the soul. I hope the lord gets through to my fiancé so that we can be more in tune with what God has for us and for our future. Have a blessed day, talk more tomorrow! Love you all! ❤️


Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a blessed day today! I’ve been praying much more and I’m doing my greatest to stay away from sin. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of the deep need to pray for all the hurting people around the world. There are people who are plotting murder and many other evil things that WE the church of Christ have to be in prayer for. Prayer restricts Evil. Remember? You can’t overcome evil with evil but only Good can overcome evil. I had a dream this morning that felt so realistic. In the dream, I was in Juvie. I had to do 2 years and I’m not sure what for but I ended up escaping. As I escaped with a person I thought was my friend in the dream, she ended up getting caught and snitched on me. The guy came to check the flower bed where I was hiding in and he for some reason I guess was in love with me. He admired the smell of my hair and knew it would be best to just let me go. The man was unfamiliar and I was unfamiliar with him. I ended up coming to my senses to do my time and turned myself in with tears running down my face. I remember the painful feeling that my life was over because of this. Strange right? It felt so so real, I’m still carrying the burden of what it could possibly mean. Anyway, have a wonderful day guys! God bless! ❤️

Set free

Hello everyone! Blessings be upon you and your families!! I apologize for not writing yesterday for those who were excited by another daily post, I simply just forgot. My fiancé’s family just went on vacation today and they will be for a week. It is definitely exciting. I woke up feeling a burden in my spirit. I decided to pray intensely for what ever it could be and felt the peace brush over me. You know that nudging of the Holy Spirit hat you can get from time to time. I have church tonight, I’m assigned cleaning duty so that should be good. I personally love cleaning, it’s a great hobby to have. It also helps to take your mind off things. I was considering confronting my fiancé’s brother but I will when he tries to do something like that again. I have given my fiancé attention and things like that in front of his brother so he can get the message. We will see what happens in the near future and I am hoping for the best. Also, the post in ‘brotherly love,’ is that I had a dream experience that night that my brother and his girlfriend were delivered from evil spirits. God showed me the condition of my brothers heart and that it was very hardened. God bless you all, have a good night and keep my brother in godly prayer.

Brotherly love

Hello everyone! How are you all doing on this fine day? I stayed at my brothers house tonight. We both really got to talk about certain things that happened in our past that neither of us knew of each other. How are mom was to us because we grew up in different time periods and at different ages. It was definitely opening to a new understanding of what and why we are the way we are and will be helpful in our relationship. God bless guys. Love you all! Have a good night.


Hello guys! Hope you all are doing great today! I had a great day, I spent a lot of time at the park, spending time with God. Now, guys I’m going to need some advice and some help here. My fiancé’s brother I believe has a thing for me. He left a flower near my things, he has left a secret love letter for me to read. But, he has also hidden these things in a way that I couldn’t show anyone and say he did this and it be FULL proof. He acts as though he touched me on accident and sometimes stares deeply into my eyes. Weird, but this is becoming an issue for me. Which leaves me here. I know that it has been intended towards me, but I don’t have enough proof in this to really point him out. When I see him he acts normal, like nothing happened and sometimes very distant and rude. He has never verbally admitted feelings for me in anyway, Which leaves me here. Today he knew I was going to the park and came uninvited. He started playing with his frisbees and wanted to teach me. But I know that any relationship with him beyond brotherly is ungodly so I didn’t. I want to confront him but I am afraid that if I do and I’m wrong that it will affect our friendship. What should I do? Any advice helps. I definitely want to confront him but I want to keep the peace.

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